About William Lowe & Sons Movers


About William Lowe & Sons Movers

William Lowe & Sons Movers was founded in 1986. We have been family owned and operated ever since. William Lowe & Sons has a proud history of premium service to it’s customers at competitive prices. What you are getting in William Lowe & Sons Movers is an experienced moving company that can address all of your moving needs. We are experts in office relocation. We provide our services in a timely and professional manner and all of our employees under go a full background check. Our average employee has a minimum of 2 years experience and our supervisors have a minimum of 5 years experience with our company.

Working as a sub-contractor for William’s Building Company, William Lowe & Sons Movers performed the relocation of approximately 150 GSA employees within the Tip O’Neill building during construction. Contract awarded in conjunction with our GSA Moving Service Schedule 48 Contract No. GS33F0037V. Unlike most moving companies whose main concentration is residential moving, William Lowe & Sons Movers main emphasis is on Commercial & Government office relocation and storage.

William Lowe & Sons has a proud history of premium service to its customers at competitive prices. Under the moving services contracts we hold with Federal, State, and Municipal governments, we provide moving and related services throughout Massachusetts and New England. In addition to our Government clients, we provide moving services for various commercial businesses, from everyday small moves to large scale relocation.

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Our people really do make the difference. We would like to thank you for the opportunity to be of service in your upcoming moves.